The Music Industry Is in a Stand Still – Old Bands Play New Shows – Who Will Be the Next Big Sound?

In an attempt to locate the subsequent new large, world changing sound I concept I might start with Aggitated Pearl. Many human beings which can be affiliated with the song enterprise today do assume it’s far in a stand nevertheless and nothing new is virtually coming ahead just like the “Grunge days” from Nirvana to Candlebox. I spoke to Jeffrey Michael III the opposite day who is the lead singer of Aggitated Pearl to see what his mind had been on Music nowadays. The Band is from Ft. Lauderdale Florida and are among the excellent bands that have pop out of there over the years. I am speaking about Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids to Nonpoint simply to name two as there are many South Florida Bands to make it in the National and International spotlight. Aggitated Pearl is fronted by way of Jeffrey Michael III and Troy Dovey. There are many who suppose their sound makes no feel. They are a band that you cannot genuinely positioned into someone category however their lyrics and sound appear to run deep with many young teens. I spoke to Jeffrey Michael III via phone the other day to get the news on what is going on together with his band now.

CC: “Hello Jeffrey, what’s occurring?”

JM: “I had a past due night time so I am nevertheless up writing.”

CC: “So inform me what do you watched Aggitated Pearl can do right now to help the track industry due to the fact as you realize many suppose it’s miles in a stand nonetheless?”

JM: “Troy and I continually hold in touch and someway the communique came up since we’ve subsequently obtained all of the rights to our widespread music library from the report label and I won’t say who, but we had some serious variations on what to launch on our debut album or albums. Long tale quick, we said screw it we just may not play (stay indicates) or interviews so essentially they allow us to go after years of arguing and now we very own our tremendous song library. In our library there is a ton of music that we think will change the tune Industry. I spoke to Javier (A.K.A. Ley fifty four) the other day our guitar participant and he stated that he desires to test with a few new songs entailing guitar riffs that have by no means definitely been carried out earlier than and he desires to start recording them very quickly. Troy said, “There is genuinely a sport to be performed with Aggitated Pearl for certain.” So we agreed on bringing Javier in to record inside the studio but in the imply time we are able to ship the song thru the internet and I’ll do vocals right here (In Texas) and Javier will do his new scratch (new thoughts) guitar components in Puerto Rico and send the files to Troy in Ft. Lauderdale so we are taking benefit of modern era and as soon as it’s executed we are able to all get together in the studio and pull all of it together. We experience we have a very awesome sound that crosses all genres such as at times some classical elements and we intend to convey all of them to the vanguard of our song.”

CC: “So what are your desires?”

JM: ” We will do 3 new songs and stay genuine now greater than ever to our wonderful sound.”

CC: “So what are your thoughts on cutting-edge song as many think it’s far in a rut or truely not new at all?”

JM: “The industry is in a stand nonetheless for certain not anything is absolutely going on at all proper now and it’s all very uninteresting. When you’ve got a guy from England at the “Good Morning America” display that has no band in any respect at the back of him and people are dozing over night time to look him at 9:00 a.M. It is just a loopy aspect to peer due to the fact the track goes surely nowhere. So this is one of the reasons we are going again into the studio is due to the fact there is nothing obtainable right now that is new and sparkling. I can say the identical factor about the movie industry, the whole thing artwork is in a stand nonetheless.” We feel that we have some critical songs to position out to be able to exchange tune platform. I understand the label knew it while we had been with them and we nevertheless are aware of it now, so we intend to place our footprint in motion so to talk.

CC: “What do you guys have in keep for the near destiny?”

JM: “Funny you ask due to the fact we’re searching at that proper now and it seems like this coming iciness in December or January of 2018 we are going to begin doing a little stay shows. By then we hope all and sundry throughout all mediums likes the track we release.”

CC: “We shall see if you may give you something new and I thanks very a whole lot for talking to me these days.”

JM: “No trouble and thank you we are hoping every person takes a liking to our new fabric and I stay up for talking to you once more.”

I am going to be interviewing numerous bands in search of the brand new sound we as listeners can label and experience. Aggitated Pearl has but to prove to the world their sound is the right one for us. I don’t know who can be the next “Nirvana” however I will keep searching.

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