How to Make a U Part Wig For Beginners?

If you are new to wigs and are concerned with the difficulty of sporting one, there’s in reality no need to worry—it’s clean!

If you have not ever worn a wig before and require some more steerage selecting and discussing the procedure of styling earlier than you placed on your wig; then please examine our novices manual to sporting a wig.

With those motives in mind, you could make a suitable u part wig at home using the stairs and the gear below:

Things you’ll need

Wig Cap or U-Part Wig Cap
Foam Head
2 to three Bundles of bundles depending on your preferred density.
Wig Clips
Hair Needle and Thread
Pins (optional)
Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks (Depending at the method)
Hair Glue & Blow Dryer (Depending at the approach)
Hair Weave 

How To Make U-Part Wig?

How To Make A U-Part Wig?

Step 1: Wear a wig cap

1.Hiya guys in order you can see we are gonna move ahead and start with a spandex dome wig cap, move ahead and mark out your parting location after which upload a double song to the perimeter of the top, that is just going to assist the wig lay flat whilst you pull it returned it will disguise all the tracks laying at the back of it, and you may see what I’m speakme about later on in the video.

Step 2: Sew in bundles at the cap

2.Start off by means of stitching each tracks collectively and then connect it to the cap, you have to undergo the spandex cap and then via both webs after which tie a knot about (maybe to a few times),it is as much as you the greater the better.

Then you go beforehand and just sew the rest of the song as you typically, which is just inside and out inside and outside thru the spandex cap and below both tracks thru Hispanics cap and under each tracks, however you will ensure that you avoid stitching through the elastic band ,due to the fact if you try this then your wig may not have tons stretch to it in any respect,so be sure no longer to stitch via the elastic band.

3.Make the u component

I was simply showing you how it lays flat whilst you pull it back but yeah so I left it plastic on my canvas head because it’s going to defend it will protect it from any construct-up water or a dust .The plastic is just to protect it help maintain it smooth and I without a doubt extraordinarily suggest you to get a canvas block wig head instead of a styrofoam mannequin head.

Here I’m displaying you ways flat it lays as you can see and that’s simply going to hide all of the tracks at the back of it ,so you can pull it back of the ponytail half of-up half of-down,and you will see me demonstrate these kinds of hairstyles in a while within the video.

4 .Cut off the excess cap

After you glue your tracks down from the bottom up using both a hot glue gun or weave glue and a blow dryer to relaxed the hair in your cap.You need to reduce the excess fabric developing the U-part.

Cut and put off the excess a part of the U-part part of the wig. Do now not reduce too near the top tracks. (Avoid slicing any threads so you don’t detach the tracks on the pinnacle of the wig cap and around the opening of the U-part.)

So right here you spot me beginning the left the exact identical way, start with the weft first ,after which connect it to the cap, be sure to keep away from the elastic band ,and also you see me pulling the West, because it makes it easier for me to sew thru simply the cap and not the elastic band ,so I imply if you want to just make it less difficult for you.

Then you may stitch via the cap, you may see that I’m pulling the thread that manner it is pulling the cap out, in order that I make sure I’m stitching thru the cap and now not the band ..With a bit of luck that makes sense right here .We are coming to an stop.

Conclusion:How to make a u part wig by using your self?

First of all about two or 3 instances then fold it over, and maintain in mind we’re gonna do each single track the exact same manner we are doing in right here the precise identical manner, securing the fold so it lays fine and flat and then just go ahead and preserve sewing the rest of the music .

It’s just amazing easy guys, so I wish you guys see this in our stimulated and excited to make your very own wig because it’s simply not tough in any respect.

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